Sometimes, envisioning your ideal new home requires a little assistance. To help, we’ve combined old technology with new to create our Home-on-a-Stick®. This unique tool has already helped many of our clients envision what their future home will look like on any lot they choose.

See the future of homebuilding! Exclusively with The Builders Realty Home-on-a-Stick™

What people are saying about their Home-on-a-Stick™

“Home-on-a-Stick™ makes what’s unimaginable, imaginable.”

George F - Waukesha

“It’s a fun-like way to visualize what our home would look like on any lot that we’re considering”.

Kathy K - Franklin

“A simple, but unique way to bring life and vision to our new place to call Home.”

Cody M - Waukesha

Watch our Home-on-a-Stick™ video now!

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Home-on-a-Stick in use

Craig Kasianowicz

Here's How They Work!

Check out these amazing before and after photos with our exclusive Home-on-a-Stick™

Before image one After image one
Before image two After image two
Before image three After image one
Before image four After image four
Current exteriors are from Anderson Builders, Espire Homes, Joseph Douglas Builders and Korndoerfer Homes.

Create Your Own Home-on-a-Stick® Kit Now!

Add to your entire family’s excitement about building your new home with this quick, simple project that kids will want to get in on too. I have clients who keep their Home-on-a-Stick® in their car and won’t visit a lot without it! I hope your family enjoys our one-of-a-kind tool just as much.

Step 2 - Click & Print

Click on your favorite exterior and print the PDF in landscape mode. Thick photo or card stock paper is recommended for best results.

Step 2

Step 3 - Cut

Cut as close to the border lines as possible without going over.

Step 3

Step 4 - Glue

Glue stick to back of home. I’ve that found that a hot glue gun works the best.

Step 4

Step 5 - Enjoy and Envision

Now that you have a cool exterior, let’s shop for lots to envision your dream home on!

I would love the opportunity to be your REALTOR and represent you for your next lot purchase. Meeting with my clients at properties of interest for a Builders Realty Lot Visit Report saves them time and money in regard to site improvements and building permits. It also gives me a chance to share the general strengths and weaknesses of each lot. Most traditional lots will have site improvements and building permits that can range from $25,000 to over $50,000. It’s extremely important to have an understanding of these costs before writing an offer on any lot with a REALTOR®.

Step 5