With over 15 years' experience in new construction along with over 1000 home and lot transactions, The Builders Realty is Wisconsin’s premier agency for your vacant land needs.

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  • Over 15 years' experience of exclusive sales in lots and new construction
  • We only focus on vacant lots and new construction homes. This promotes a more targeted set of buyers for your specific selling needs
  • Our “Open Lot Events” create exposure and potential buyers unlike any other event or typical lot listing
  • Virtual Built Homes® - Up to three builders pre-bid and submit proposals for contracts on your specific lot. Having this information pre-completed makes our potential buyer more informed and your lot more competitive
  • Licensed Broker in the state of Wisconsin
  • Ask about our Builders Realty “Post in the Ground!” incentive program


  • Over 15 years' experience in exclusive new construction sales
  • We estimate, calculate and review all site improvements and building permits ("The Hidden Costs of Construction") before writing an offer
  • We meet with you at your potential lot to discuss the key features, benefits and potential pitfalls involved with building on the parcel, before writing an offer
  • We represent you with your lot and builder ensuring clear communication and client satisfaction (draft offer, help negotiate terms, attend key meetings, review all specifications and construction drawings, etc.)
  • We help you identify, plan and stay on budget
  • We conduct free comprehensive lot searches to find the parcel that best meets your needs