Making Major Purchases

When talking with people after they have built a home, I sometimes hear, “We really like our new home but it wasn’t the model we thought we were getting.”

Here’s why, I believe, this disappointment happens time and time again. Professional staging, exquisite furniture, and “builder upgrades” are all things that help these model homes show well. However, they can also serve as some pretty fierce distractions for the novice home buyer.

This reminds me of when I was shopping for my first car with my father in the mid ’80s. All I wanted to do that summer during my test drives was roll down the windows and crank up the stereo (or in my case, the AM radio).

My dad taught me that when you shop for a car, you need to minimize the distractions, or as he liked to call them the “bells and whistles.” He showed me the basics of how a car works and to evaluate the quality of its mechanics and overall condition. I learned a lot about cars that summer and what to look for when buying one.

As a builder, I often see home buyers mistake granite, ceramic tile, and hardwood floors for a well-built home. Those bells and whistles are simply features that any homebuilder can add to your list of upgrades. As a buyer, it’s important to look at a home’s overall “Construction Integrity.” Framing, wall systems, floor systems, and straightness of corners are just a few things that buyers should examine.

In closing I’d like to say thanks, Dad, for teaching me how to make my first major purchase that summer! It went a long way.

To our guests, feel free to contact me directly to discuss your next home and how to identify the fundamentals of “Construction Integrity” when selecting your builder.

Craig Kasianowicz
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